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Jon prepares to depart for the prom

Jon’s High School Prom

My son Jon was the first in our family to attend his high school prom. He looked so handsome in the tuxedo, I had to share the photos on The Peak! We’re all very proud of you Jon!


Jon wearing a tuxedo for his high school prom.
Jon wearing a tuxedo for his high school prom. GQ!
Family Night

Family Movie Night

Sometimes I just can’t resist grabbing my camera for a quick photo, even if it’s during a rare family movie night. I guess that’s why they call me “Papa Paparazzi!”

This was one of those moments. When I saw them sitting together in the glow of the Christmas lights and the TV, I just had to get the shot.

Looking for a good movie for your family night? Try Despicalbe Me. We enjoyed it!

A beautiful smile from a beautiful lady

A Beautiful Smile

Cassie always brightens the room with her beautiful smile. This image was captured while she was celebrating her birthday with the family.
During the celebration, Cassie called for a group photo with her three brothers. As they gathered for the shot, our dog Rocky saw what was happening and ran to them. He then squeezed between them and grinned a big smile of his own!
Team Thomas