Redwood forest on the Big Trees trail in the Indian Tree open space preserve

Hiking Through Indian Tree Preserve

I recently took some time off, and decided to explore the hills and trails in my area. One of the areas I visited was the Indian Tree open space preserve in Novato, California. There are so many popular hiking trails in the Northern Bay Area, the Indian Tree preserve is… Read more

Cycle of life in the Sierra

Spring 2014 in the Sierra

In late May I made a solo trip up to the Sierra and Desolation Wilderness to do some fishing and take some photos. In a normal year the area would be packed with snow during May, however due to the lack of rain and snowfall over the winter, I had… Read more

Jon prepares to depart for the prom

Jon’s High School Prom

My son Jon was the first in our family to attend his high school prom. He looked so handsome in the tuxedo, I had to share the photos on The Peak! We’re all very proud of you Jon!   Read more

New Year Gift from The Theme Foundry

An Example of Great Customer Service

We all know how important great customer service is these days—it’s the one factor that can really make your business stand out.

The Theme Foundry is one company that definitely stands out from the rest of the WordPress theme companies. Read more

Family Night

Family Movie Night

Sometimes I just can’t resist grabbing my camera for a quick photo, even if it’s during a rare family movie night. I guess that’s why they call me “Papa Paparazzi!” This was one of those moments. When I saw them sitting together in the glow of the Christmas lights and… Read more

Spotted Orb Weaver Spider - Neoscona crucifera

Spotted Orb Weaver Spider

Here’s a follow up on the spider that I wrote about on Halloween. Because she’s in plain view just outside our kitchen window, she’s basically become a pet (of sorts). The family checks up on her each evening, and because she seems to keep getting bigger and bigger, we’ve named… Read more